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Self Portrait

"Dream Big!...Then Dream Bigger!!"



About Me:


My love of the arts and passion for beauty began at a very early age.  I remember the thrill I used to get in grade school while perfecting my girlfriends’ hair and makeup for special occasions or just for fun.  This strong desire to want others to look and feel their best led me to my love of photography. 


But I haven’t always worked behind the camera.  For nearly a decade, I’ve worked as a professional actor and model in New York City and beyond, booking numerous modeling campaigns and acting jobs.  A few of my modeling credits include: Abercrombie, Macy’s, DKNY Underwear, Express, Arizona Jeans, Old Spice and JCPenney.  

Some of my acting credits include:  The Ritz (Broadway), A Chorus Line (National Tour), 30 Rock (NBC), Ugly Betty (ABC), CSI: NY (CBS), Beauty and the Beast (PYT), and The Full Monty (Bucks County Playhouse).


I’ve learned first-hand what both modeling and acting casting directors and agents are looking for.  I know which photos stand out, demand attention and book jobs, and which ones don’t.  It’s this knowledge and success in front of the camera that enables me to capture the beauty within each of my clients and get them work.  When casting directors see what I’ve captured in you, and you look like the best version of yourself, success always follows.




About my Process:


I’ve created a photo shoot experience with total creative control—meaning, I am with you from start to finish, starting with hair and makeup and finishing with retouching your images, all done by me.  This way, I am able to see the final product in my head from the moment you walk into my studio until I send you your retouched images.  




I am a perfectionist and pay extreme attention to detail:


-Your hair and makeup will be flawless, but you won’t look too “done-up.”  I’ve perfected that delicate balance.


-I help you pick out and coordinate your clothes and accessories with different backgrounds and proper lighting so you can focus on modeling and not how the set looks.


-I direct and help pose you—everything from bringing out passion in your eyes, a captivating expression in your face and an engaging attitude.  I will keep you relaxed and focused while bringing out the best in you!


-I don’t stop shooting until you get the perfect shot. I make sure to give you plenty of amazing shots to choose from.


-You will have a completely worry-free experience, and just as importantly, you will have fun!





I look forward to working together, and helping you achieve all your modeling and acting goals!






To learn more about me visit: